Applique t-shirts

I’ve been busy making some t-shirts look a bit more fun by adding some applique. They have been good fun to make and I have a ton of ideas to make plenty more. The germs in our home are making me slow down with just about everything which is irritating me as I want to get a whole heap of these-tops ready to sell….. I must learn to be more patient!.

I’m itching to get into some of the local charity shops and find some different fabrics and retro patterns, I found thses patterns which were still as new – it felt a bit wrong cutting them up as they are nearly 50 years old……

Anyway, for now, here are a few of the items I have completed so far…… more coming soon!

Taking part in this week’s ‘Handmade┬áHarbour’ over at 1st Unique Gifts…..


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17 Comments on “Applique t-shirts”

  1. They look really, really fab, so looking forward to you getting your shop open!!!!! :)

  2. The tops look fab – love the combination of stripes and applique.

  3. RosMadeMe says:

    I wish I was little again to fit into those lovely t-shirts, they are just delightful :)

  4. t1ckledp1nk says:

    They are so pretty! What a great idea for using up bits of fabric.

  5. They’re very cute, I do love applique, for kids and for grown-ups!

  6. These are really good – they really lift the tops to a new level. Brilliant ideas.:)

  7. That’s a nice way to jazz up a t-shirt. I remember those patterns when my kiddies were little…..ohh memories!

  8. Lovely! Such a great idea!

  9. Those look really good. It’s amazing what a difference a good applique will make.

  10. Brandy says:

    Those shirts are great!

  11. Lisa says:

    I keep meaning to buy a pattern and have a go at something new but never get round to it. The applique looks great on the tops

  12. They are all so beautiful! I love the idea :) Thanks for sharing with us againon KCCO

  13. lelaniedenso says:

    These are so cute! Thanks for sharing. I especially love the ladybug one. have a fab weekend!


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