Sunday sunshine

526475_10151420937948006_1539552498_n[1] 529569_10151423246608006_1405156078_n[1]I woke up on Sunday morning feeling more groggy than usual after a long night of disturbances from Tabitha – just when her sleeping seemed to be almost better she seems to have gone back to waking each night several times – I lost count at 6 times that she came into our bedroom on Saturday night . I’m pretty sure that it coincides with starting at a child care centre for just one morning a week. She looks forward to going to ‘school’ all week but has also been very clingy with me ever since she started. I’m counting on her confidence building (quickly!) and that it just being a phase – I was hoping for a few weeks of sleep at night before a new arrival comes into the already sleep-deprived picture.

So after waiting in for a food shopping delivery, a bit of washing up and a load or two of laundry we decided to head out to the beach.

It was perfect beach weather. Sunny and warm in the late 20′s but not too hot for a little person to run and play without this worried Mummy stressing about her over-heating/getting sun-stroke/sun burning (of which she has never suffered, but you know the mummy-worries). The sea was refreshingly cool and we dipped in our toes and jumped the shallow waves. Steve and Tabitha chased after each other, we made sand castles and we stopped to appreciate the day and where we now live.

Life’s felt a bit of a struggle for the past year – the big move out to Australia, the big goodbyes, having our bank card copied (twice?!) and money stolen from our account, car brakes failing and literally scaring the life out of me, same car being written off shortly before Christmas, Steve being made redundant…….. it’s been a toughy for sure – but watching my girl run around at the beach, just laughing and giggling with pure delight of the freedom and space and splashing in the shallow waves just made everything feel right, and it’s right on our doorstep.

We’ve decided to make sure we head to the beach or for a walk or somewhere every Sunday morning from now on. I’m looking forward to our new little habit, for Sunday was like much-needed therapy.

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