moving house (and giveaway winner revealed)


This week we collect the keys to a new home to live in! I’m so excited to be moving to a new place – it’s a little bit smaller but with a nice new kitchen and open-plan living area which will be much nicer for me when I’m at home with the two girls during the week. It’s also in walking distance from shops, parks and the neighbourhood centre so should make day-to-day life much easier.

I can’t say I’m sad to leave this house – it has been a good place to start off in and has served us well but the retro carpets, light fittings and kitchen have just become unbearable to look at now and it’s never felt like ‘home’. I’m hoping we won’t be without internet for too long but I’ve scheduled in a few posts for the blog whilst the internet is down.

Now here’s to trying to keep sane whilst organising a move with a cold, a newborn with silent reflux and a 3 year old!

And of course to reveal a winner for the giveaway……….

Congratulations to Laura F!! You have been randomly selected as a winner of a Canvas from The Canvas Factory! – Congratulations!!

(picture taken of Tabitha ‘organising’ her things for the move)

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