sunny days at Christmas.

DSC_0156 DSC_0204 DSC_0253

It’s been hot here, in the 40′s this week. We’ve been hiding indoors or running from the luxury of air-con in the car to air-con in the house and under-ground car parks.

The girls have been splashing in the paddling pool early in the morning before breakfast to inhale some of the fresh air before it heats up. None of us are sleeping well at night so I get the treat of having a snooze with my big girl during the mid-afternoon heat.

Afternoons are full of indoor-tent building, festive music and painting, sticking or making something with Tabitha.

These sunny days at Christmas are a little strange for me, with twinkling lights peeking through the window as the girls splash in the sunshine.



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One Comment on “sunny days at Christmas.”

  1. chrisknits says:

    It’s weird to even see someone in a swimsuit and pool in the middle of Dec! But even the States have some warm areas. My family from the mid east coast keeps telling me how warm it will be there this week! LOL And it’s not too bad in our area right now, but we just are getting rid of the foot of snow we had 2 weeks ago.

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