taking care


There’s been a much welcomed break in the weather here over the past few days, a drop enough for us to throw on cardigans and jeans again, and snuggle up with hot tea; it’s been a huge relief to me. It’s felt comforting to curl up on the sofa in my dressing gown late in the evening after a hot bath and immerse myself in a book. Time to take a little bit more care of ‘me’ – taking time for these things rather than rushed showers whilst it’s still dark in the mornings and climbing into bed after being glued to the laptop for an evening – I know it’s much better for me but I always end up falling back into the same ways.

Little Francesca has taken a lot of extra care lately, as a little update, her cataract has stayed the same, so no surgery at the moment though she now has to wear glasses full-time and also a patch on her eye as much as possible. She’d of course much rather eat her glasses and isn’t a fan of the patch but we’re muddling along. Her scar on her arm from the burn she had is healing well, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that horrible accident and seeing those blood stains on her clothes, these children of ours really are our biggest weakness aren’t they? She needs to wear a special silicone gel based patches on it along with a specially made sleeve to help flatten and soften it  around 20 hours a day – so much easier when the weather is cooler! Her reflux is particularly bad at the moment, what with sprouting 3 teeth this past week, but now that we know which foods to avoid it seems to be on the whole slightly more manageable. Unfortunately her arm and reflux seem to bother her a lot at night so we’re not getting much sleep at the moment, another excuse to relax the reins a little.

The extra care that I’m taking over Francesca is of course meaning that I’m letting something go – my house is certainly not as neat and tidy as it used to be, there are nearly always dishes on the side or a much larger pile of washing that needs to be done than before. Small children of course make carpet stains and I’m not cooking so many time-consuming meals, but I’m happy with that, for now.

So here’s to a few lazy evenings and the washing mound piling up, that bath and book this evening is calling me already!

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One Comment on “taking care”

  1. It sounds like a bit of ‘you’ time is definitely in order ! I hope that the nights improve for you- the days are so much easier to cope with if you get some sleep!

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